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Barnwarming! (09/30/14) | Mud Volleyball (09/24/14) | Sandboxes (Fall 2014)
MU Agri-Science (09/18/14) | Chapter Degree Initiation (09/17/14) | Sport Shooting Classic (09/06/14)
Trapshoot (09/12/14) | Chautauqua (09/06/14) | State Fair Award (08/2014)
August Meeting (08/27/14) | Woody's Truck | MO Show Pig Conference (08/06/14)
MO Leadership Adventure (07/31/14) | Teach Ag Academy (07/15/14)
Area II Officer Workshop (07/28/14) | Officer Retreat (07/08-09/14) | Area II Sports Day (06/30/14)
Team Purebred (06/24-28/14) | National Dairy Month (06/26/14)  | HYMAX (06/ 20-22/14) | June Meeting (06/17/14)
Ag Construction Class (06/16/14) | Washington Leadership Conference (06/10-15/14)
Camp Rainbow 06/10/14 | Public Speaking Academy 06/03-05/14
4H Fair Prep 06/03/14 | State Agriscience Fair | LEAD Conference 05/28/14 | Livestock Show Extravaganza 05/17-18/14

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Area Greenhand Initiation

On October 15, 2014, 66 Greenhands of the Chillicothe FFA Chapter attended the Area II Greenhand Initiation ceremony in Gallatin, MO. The Area II officer team, which includes President, Lauren Haley of the Chillicothe FFA Chapter, conducted the initiation.

During the initiation, the Greenhands listened to the 2014 Area Creed speaker recite the creed, watched a slideshow featuring Area II Greenhands, listened to State FFA Officer, Brock Larson, speak, and were presented their Greenhand pins during the Greenhand Ceremony. During the event, members donated socks to the Area II FFA Socktober event. This event is in conjunction with the Green Hill Community Action Agency in Trenton which will take the donated socks and distribute them to those in need.

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Chillicothe FFA Parents' Night

On October 1, 2014, the Chillicothe FFA held their annual Parents' Night with 322 members and guests attending. This event is to help welcome the first year FFA member and their parents to our organization, as well as showcase some of our members' talents. The evening began with FFA opening ceremonies followed by a motivating welcome given by Carlee Johnson, Chillicothe FFA President.

The Chillicothe FFA Chapter officers and Chillicothe FFA Assistant Officers presented the program. The program consisted of the Greenhand FFA Degree ceremony, Chapter FFA Degree ceremony, 3 Chapter Degree speeches, as well as six creeds presented by Greenhands. The Chapter Degree speeches were presented by Jaime Albertson, Sarah Mason, and Madalyn Warren.

Madalyn Warren (Chapter Degree Speech)

The creed was presented by Marley Anderson, McKenzie Anderson, Elena Boon, Isaiah Boon, Kaylie Campbell, Wade Campbell, Austin Case, Katelyn Clariday, Liberty Cox, Elitza Crouch, Eric Davis, Brittany Derickson, Garret Donoho, Gracie Ellis, Zach Girres, Morgan Grable, Ben Hayen, Peyton Hein, Nate Hoel, Hunter Horton, Adler Marshall, Cameron Moore, Christian Reed, Kimberlee Roney, Madison Searcy, Claire Shipp, Zoe Souders, Drew Toedebusch, Tiffany Tolle, and Ruthie Vinson.

Katelyn Clariday, Austin Case, Brittany Derickson, Cameron Moore, Claire Shipp

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FFA Creed
Fall, 2014

The past couple of weeks the 72 FFA Greenhands have been working on presenting the FFA Creed in class. The FFA Creed states the beliefs and values that each FFA Member should uphold. The Creed has been revised two times - not to change the values or beliefs our organization holds but rather to reflect the change in our membership from the farm boys of the 1930s to the diverse population of members the FFA possesses today. The creed was written by E. M. Tiffany and adopted at the third National Convention of the FFA. It was revised at the 38th Convention and the 63rd Convention.

Presenting the FFA Creed is the student's first chance at a public speaking activity. The students are to memorize a paragraph of the creed at a time and present it to their class. At the end, every student will each recite the creed in its entirety fully memorized to the class as well. Several activities are conducted in class to assist the students in memorizing the creed. The picture above is students playing the plate game in order to assist them in memorizing the FFA Creed. Almost all past FFA members can still remember parts or all of the FFA Creed. Most of those individual remember the power of those first two words "I believe...".

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On September 30, 2014, Agronomy and Ag Management students from the Litton Agriculture Education Center had the opportunity to see a live demonstration on shelling corn. Students traveled to George Quinn Farms, east of Chillicothe, where they were given a live demonstration to the group on how to harvest corn.

This demonstration was used to help teach physical characteristics of corn at time of harvest, how a combine works, marketing options, and storage options. The students were also given the opportunity to climb on a combine to look at how it works.

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Barnwarming 2014!
September 30, 2014

It is Chillicothe FFA Barnwarming Time Again! The Chillicothe FFA has selected its King and Queen Candidates for the 2014 Barnwarming. These individuals will lead the charge in the fund raising efforts of the Chillicothe FFA members. The FFA members are now available to do your odd jobs around the house and farm. Give them a call and they will organize a work team to help you in your fall cleanup activities. The class that averages the most money per member will have their candidates crowned King and Queen on November 8, 2014 at the annual Barnwarming Dance.

The candidates are as follows: Seniors, Lauren Haley (daughter of Steve and Brenda Haley) and Timber Ballantyne (son of Jerry and Jeannie Ballantyne); Juniors, Erin Campbell (daughter of Mike and Angie Boon and the late Jarret Campbell) and Shayler Keller (son of Donnie and Susan Keller); Sophomores, Jaime Albertson (daughter of Denny and Margie Albertson and Matt and Michelle Rardon) and Mason Daniel (son of David and Amy Daniel); Freshmen, Elena Boon (daughter of Arte and Suzy Boon) and Isaiah Boon (son of Arte and Suzy Boon).

Back L to R - Lauren Haley, Timber Ballantyne
Front L to R - Mason Daniel, Jaime Albertson, Elena Boon, Isaiah Boon, Erin Campbell, Shayler Keller 
The full restored 1946 Chevy truck belongs to Susie Ballantyne and Jerry Ballantyne.

The chapter has set a goal to raise $20,000 this year for chapter operations. If you have any type of job please give an FFA member a call or call one of the advisors at the Litton Agriculture Campus at 660-646-3131.

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Mud Volleyball Tournament
September 24, 2014

On September 24, 2014, the Chillicothe FFA Chapter held its first annual Mud Volleyball Tournament. The tournament consisted of a 27 teams with a single elimination event. There were 223 members and spectators present at the tournament with a soup and sandwiches were provided for all. The tournament was to encourage a fun atmosphere for freshman members to become more acquainted with upperclassmen as well as fuel a little friendly competition.

L to R - Mason Daniel, Hallee Jones, Hannah Jones, Nate McKiddy, Whitney Clampitt, Zach Trout

The members would also like to thank the parents who helped prepared food as well as the parents and CHS staff who participated in the tournament. This year's winning team was I'd Hit That Volleyball which consisted of Nate McKiddy, Hallee Jones, Hannah Jones, Whitney Clampitt, Zach Trout, and Mason Daniel.

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Sandboxes for Elementary Students
Fall, 2014

The Ag Property and Maintenance class at the Litton Agriculture Campus were putting their skills to use at the Chillicothe Behavior Management Program and Garrison Elementary School these past few weeks. The students were in charge of designing and building sand boxes for the elementary students to use.

The students designed a plan, created an expense sheet, purchased materials to complete the project, and constructed and implemented the sand boxes.

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September 18, 2014

On September 18, 2014 students from the Ag Management and Agronomy classes at the Litton Agriculture Campus attended the MU Hundley-Whaley Research Center Agriscience Day in Albany, MO. The students had the opportunity to visit 19 learning stations which included: Soil Erosion, Forages, Farm Safety, MO Dept. of Conservation-Deer Antlers, Computers in Ag, Crops, Fistualated Cow, MU & College Prep, Hwy Patrol Seat Belt Demo, Drones, Mammals, Dangerous Bugs, Fire Handling, Entrepreneurship, Precision Ag, Beef Quality Assurance, Brandon Bothwell - FFA State Officer, Uses for Corn, and New Invasive Horticulture Pests.

Over 500 FFA students, advisors, MU Specialists, and staff were in attendance. We would like to thank the Hundley-Whaley Research Center staff: Bruce, Ted, Terry, and Jackie for making this day possible.

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Area Chapter Degree Initiation

On September 17, 2014, 46 Chapter Degree recipients of the Chillicothe FFA Chapter attended the Area II Chapter Degree Ceremony in Cameron, MO. The Area II officer team, which includes President, Lauren Haley of the Chillicothe FFA Chapter conducted the ceremony.

During the ceremony, the Chapter degrees watched a slideshow featuring Area II Chapter Degrees, listened to the National FFA Officer, Wes Davis, speak, and were inducted in the Area II FFA Association as Chapter Degree members.

National FFA Officer, Wes Davis

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Missouri Youth Sport Shooting Fall Classic

LINN CREEK, MO - Missouri Youth Sport Shooting Alliance (MYSSA) held their annual Fall Classic on September 6, 2014, in Linn Creek, MO. This event was an opportunity for 4-H, FFA, High School, and collegiate youth to show their skills. The team of Timber Ballantyne, Brady Bothwell, Garret Donoho, Zach Quinn and Trevor Shira placed 7th in the FFA Shoot. As a team, they shot 446 out of 500. Other students that participated on an individual basis were Peyton Hein and Colton Webb. This year, the coaching staff consisted of Sarge Ralls and Tony Burtch. Student scores were Timber Ballantyne 90 out of 100, Brady Bothwell 97 out of 100, Garret Donoho 89 out of 100, Peyton Hein 88 out of 100, Zach Quinn 87 of 100, Trevor Shira 86 out of 100 and Colton Webb 84 out of 100. The objectives of the program are to involve students in the highest standards of safety, sportsmanship, and ethical behavior, along with safe and responsible use of firearms. Also, the program helps to develop self-confidence, personal discipline, sportsmanship, and teamwork.

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Trapshoot - Area II

On September 12, 2014, the Chillicothe FFA Chapter attended the area trap shoot held at the Trenton Trap Range and sponsored by the Trenton FFA Chapter. The first place overall team was the Chillicothe team.

Pictured L to R - Timber Ballantyne, Garret Donoho, Brady Bothwell, Trevor Shira, Colton Webb

The students enjoyed the day and learned a lot about competition. The Chillicothe FFA Chapter had 10 individuals shoot on Saturday: Timber Ballantyne with a score of 42 out of 50, Brady Bothwell with a score of 47 out of 50, Eric Davis with a score of 34 out of 50, Garret Donoho with a score of 46 out of 50, Colton Hargrave with a score of 32 out of 50, Peyton Hein with a score of 43 out of 50, Hunter Horton with a score of 42 out of 50, Jackson Pauley with a score of 23 out of 50, Trevor Shira with a score of 44 out of 50, Colton Webb with a score of 23 out of 50, Tony Burtch (volunteer coach), and Sarge Ralls (volunteer coach) that traveled to Trenton. The 5-member first place team consisted of Timber, Brady, Garret, Trevor, and Colton. Brady Bothwell received the honor of 3rd place individually. The members of the team are looking forward to more events.

With the help of the Chillicothe School District, school administration, and the Missouri Department of Conservation, FFA is teaching students the self-discipline and responsibility of shooting sports. The objectives are to involve students in the highest standards of safety, sportsmanship, and ethical behavior, along with safe and responsible use of firearms. Additionally, the program helps to develop self-confidence, personal discipline, sportsmanship, and teamwork. The students were required to pass the Missouri Department of Conservation Hunter Education program and attended one of the safety meetings sponsored by the Ag Education Department.

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Chautauqua Petting Zoo

This year, the Chillicothe FFA Chapter sponsored the petting zoo at the Chautauqua in the Park. This was our 12th year to participate in the Chautauqua. Our FFA Chapter took this opportunity to share information with community members about agriculture. Approximately 85 members assisted with the petting zoo which is enjoyable for people of all ages!

The petting zoo contained of all sorts of animals such as a calf, puppies, rabbits, pigs, sheep, goats, and horses. The Livingston County Farm Bureau assisted with the petting zoo this year by providing signs and hand sanitizer for all individuals making their way through the petting zoo.

Thanks to all of the individuals that visited the Chillicothe FFA Chautauqua Petting Zoo! 

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Chillicothe FFA Honored by the Governor at Missouri State Fair
August, 2014

The Chillicothe FFA Chapter has had a long tradition of participating at the Missouri State Fair. This year, the Chillicothe FFA was honored for their participation with the Governor's Award. This award is given to the chapter which has the most points exhibiting livestock during the Missouri State Fair. Points are given according to exhibitors placing (gold, silver, bronze), number of exhibits, and number of exhibitors. The Chillicothe FFA had 118 entries that were exhibited by 45 exhibitors.

In the past 15 years Chillicothe FFA has received is award 11 times. This just shows how agriculture and the youth of Livingston County have been represented across the state.

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Chillicothe FFA Chapter held there annual August meeting Wednesday night, August 27, 2014. The meeting was held at the Litton Agriculture Campus and served as a new member orientation. FFA advisors report that there are 73 new freshmen and 64 of the new members attended. There were about 223 FFA members and parents present.

Attendees enjoyed the FFA opening ceremonies presented by the Chapter officers. The group was then broken into two groups - one parents and one students. The parents were given an overview of what to expect as an FFA parent.

The students' group had games, a skit provided by the Assistant Officer team, and got to ask questions of the officers. The games included Ships & Sailors, Telephone, Spaghetti in a Can, Honey I Love You, Human Table, and the Human Chair. The students played mixers to help the freshmen get to know some of the upper classmen. The Assistant Officer team present a skit called "A year with Mr. Martin". Students in the Chillicothe FFA Chapter are from Chillicothe High School and Southwest High School.

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Woody's Thank You

Woody's Automotive Group of Chillicothe has graciously donated a truck for the Chillicothe FFA Chapter to use throughout the year. This truck assists our chapter with giving back to the community and is a great benefit and help to our members. The Chillicothe FFA Chapter is the largest student organization at Chillicothe High School. The chapter is so successful in part due to the support of our great community.

Chillicothe FFA coordinates a petting zoo at the Chautauqua each year. The truck has helped out at the House of Prayer. During the Christmas season, the FFA Chapter adopts two families through the Salvation Army's Adopt-A-Family program. They also gather food at the December meeting to give to the Salvation Army's food drive. Members also ring the Salvation Army bell. Members visit local nursing homes to speak with the residents and take them a flower to brighten up their day during FFA Week. Members also conduct agriculture related activities with the Livingston County youth through the Litton Crusaders program. The truck assists in transportation to these activities. The truck is also a great assistance with students Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) projects. The truck is used to make SAE visits, haul animals to fairs, pick up a student's SAE project from Indiana and Minnesota, and any other activity that is needed to assist students. Woody's has also donated two vans to the Chillicothe High School for their needs. We want to again thank Woody's Automotive Group of Chillicothe for being such an excellent hometown youth supporter.

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MYSPC Results
August 6, 2014

On August 6, 2014, four individuals from Livingston County were recognized at the Missouri Pork Producers Youth Show Pig Circuit banquet held at the Missouri Pork Place located on the Missouri State Fair grounds. The MYSPC provides Junior Swine Exhibitors the opportunity to further their development of citizenship, leadership and sportsmanship and reward Missouri youth for their participation and hard work in the statewide exhibition of swine projects while helping promote a fun and honest atmosphere. MYSPC also provides educational and skill-building opportunities to enhance the knowledge of Missouri youth about the purebred, show pig and commercial segments of the swine industry. The show season is from May-June, with recognition at the Missouri State Fair. Points from 60% of MYSPC sanctioned shows counted toward a member's points.

Pictured Front L to R - Carlee Johnson, Gabby Hapes; Back L to R - Garrett Donoho, Bailey Henry

Winners from Livingston County were Garrett Donoho - 5th place High Point Duroc Gilt, Gabby Hapes - Champion High Point Duroc Gilt, Bailey Henry - Reserve High Point Spot Gilt, and Carlee Johnson - Reserve High Point Berkshire Gilt. We would like to congratulate these young people on their hard work and dedication to the pork industry.

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Missouri Leadership "Adventure" Conference
July 31, 2014

Members from the Chillicothe FFA Chapter recently attended the Missouri FFA Association's 2014 Leadership Adventure in Columbia. It was held Thursday, July 31st at the University of Missouri Bradford Research and Extension Center.

Attending the conference from the local FFA chapter were L to R:
Emma Leamer, Erin Campbell, Jake Sampsel, Clayton Campbell, Nate McKiddy,
Rebecca Pitchford, Marissa Surber, Gunnar Leach, Julia Minnis

Agricultural careers, leadership development, and positive role models were the focus of the 24th annual conference. Columbia was one of two locations for this conference; the other was in Springfield. Over 200 members and advisors registered for the two conferences from 34 chapters across Missouri. Nearly 6,500 Missouri FFA members and advisors have attended The Leadership Adventure since its beginning in 1990. According to Conference Coordinators Marvin and Karen Hoskey, "This conference annually provides an excellent opportunity for Missouri FFA members to interact with other chapter, state, and national leaders. The sessions foster development of leadership skills and encourage students to practice teamwork and goal setting as they get motivated for the coming school year."

The leadership training was headed by Andrew McCrea, former state and national officer from Missouri, and Corey Flournoy, former state and national officer from Illinois. They were assisted by Jaelynn Bergmann, National Officer Candidate from Missouri. Current State FFA Officers from Missouri guided small groups during the training sessions, which were designed specifically for high school age FFA members’ personal leadership development and planning for future success. Students wanting to learn the basics of self-discovery and understanding their leadership potential were taken through activities to develop teamwork and people skills. The training focused on helping students create an advanced plan for lasting impact on the world through utilizing personal leadership traits and healthy relationships to make their goals a reality.

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Carlee Johnson Attends Teach Ag Academy
July 15, 2014

Columbia, MO - Carlee Johnson was one of 20 high school students from Missouri selected to participate in the first-ever Teach Ag Academy hosted by the Department of Agricultural Education and Leadership at the University of Missouri. The Academy was designed to introduce high school students to the opportunities associated with being a high school agriculture teacher and FFA advisor. The Academy participants worked with professors in the department. Sessions with department faculty included discussions on what it was like to teach agriculture and engaging agriculturally based science experiments appropriate for high school students.

L to R - Jennifer Waits, Carlee Johnson

A guest panel, consisting of State FFA Advisor Leon Busdieker and National FFA Staff Member Larry Gossen, addressed what it was like to be an FFA advisor. Academy participants also had the opportunity to plan a lesson and teach it in front of the department faculty. Finally, Academy members received a campus tour, participated in a session of social media networking, and participated in a behind-the-scenes tour of Mizzou Arena, the university's newest basketball venue.

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Area II Chapter Officer Workshop
July 28, 2014

On Monday, July 28, 2014 the Missouri Area II Officers held a workshop for 174 chapter officers at the Mervyn Jenkins Building at the Litton Agriculture Campus. The workshop focused on trying to instill a sense of drive and determination that would inspire Area II FFA members and push them toward creating and achieving their goals. The workshop consisted of the Area II Officers conducting opening ceremonies then area chapters competing in a rituals contest, best-dressed, and most creative competitions. The rituals contest determines which officer team can present the official FFA opening ceremonies with the fewest flaws. The best-dressed contest determines which chapter officer team was dressed the best as a team. The most creative was given to the officer team with the most creative attire.

Back Row L to R: Bailey Henry, Rebecca Pitchford, Zach Quinn, Derek Eckert, Erin Campbell;
Front Row L to R: Maggie Resor, Hailey Seeley, Carlee Johnson, Haelee Shady, Marissa Surber

The workshop sessions were personalized to their respective offices, challenging chapter officers to think outside the box and push the envelope as a new year begins for their chapters. The winner of the rituals contest was the Chillicothe FFA Chapter, the most creative was the Trenton FFA Chapter, and the best dressed was the Norborne FFA Chapter. The Area II officers planned and conducted the event. The officers want to thank all those who attended the judges for the rituals contest, and Hy-Vee for providing the day's meal. Continue to go for gold Area II!

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Chillicothe FFA Chapter Officer Retreat
July 8-9, 2014

On July 8-9, 2014 the Chillicothe FFA Officer teams had their annual officer retreat. This year, it was held at Longbranch Lake in Macon, Missouri. The retreat focused on activities planning, communication skills, teamwork, and leadership. The officer teams set goals, planned activities for the chapter, worked on team building skills, and had a little fun.

Back Row L to R: Hallee Jones, Derek Eckert, Nate McKiddy, Zach Quinn;
Middle Row L to R: Clayton Campbell, Maggie Resor, Haelee Shady, Maddie Warren,
Mason Daniel, Gunnar Leach, Jake Sampsel, Cole Gutshall; Front Row L to R: Bailey Henry,
Lauren Haley, Hailey Seeley, Carlee Johnson, Marissa Surber, Rebecca Pitchford, Jaime Albertson, Sarah Mason

The officers had some time on the lake as well. When the work was over, the officers enjoyed swimming at the lake and having some good fun around the camp fire. The Bothwell family graciously donated the use of their boat and equipment for the day for the students to be able to enjoy water sports such as water skiing and tubing. All in all the officers enjoyed their time together and have some new and fun events planned for the year.

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Area II Sports Day
June 30, 2014

On June 30, 2014, the Chillicothe FFA participated in the Area II FFA Sports Day in Polo, Missouri, with 32 members. This softball tournament represents a reward for members as well as a time for fellowship. There were approximately 208 area members present and everyone seemed to enjoy the day.

One of the Chillicothe FFA teams received first place in the softball tournament. The chapter also won the Food Drive collection. All the 327 cans of food collected at the tournament were taken to the Caldwell County Food Pantry in Hamilton, Missouri.

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Team Purebred
June 24-28, 2014

Seven local FFA and 4-H members attended the National Team Purebred Show in Springfield Illinois, June 24 through the 28. Students exhibited swine and participated in judging contests and other contests throughout the week.

Kayla Groebe (Litton Intern), Carlee Johnson, Jake Sampsel, Bailey Henry, Zach Quinn

The students attending were: Eric Davis, Ethan Davis, Bailey Henry, Carlee Johnson, Kaylee Lewis, Zach Quinn, and Jake Sampsel.

Bailey Henry

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National Dairy Month
June 26, 2014

On June 26, 2014, the Livingston County Farm Bureau went to the visit the Kindergarten class at Field School in honor of National Dairy Month. Suzi Beck, Livingston County Farm Bureau Board member, spoke with the students and discussed what products are made from milk and where milk comes from.

Afterward, courtesy of the Livingston Farm Bureau, the students enjoyed an ice cream sandwich. The Litton Crusaders also assisted with passing out the ice cream. This activity was to help educate youth about agriculture.

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HYMAX Academy
June 20-22, 2014

Clayton Campbell and Julia Minnis members from the Chillicothe FFA Chapter attended the Missouri FFA State FFA HYMAX (Helping Youth Maximize their Agricultural eXperience) Academy June 20-22, 2014. 
The HYMAX Academy is sponsored by the Missouri FFA Leadership Fund in honor of Dr. Terry Heiman, who served as Missouri's State FFA Advisor for 28 years.

HYMAX Academy was held at Camp Rising Sun located within the Lake of the Ozarks State Park. The academy focuses on leadership, communication, and agricultural experience culminating in creating strong advocates for Missouri agriculture. The HYMAX Academy is comprised of the TOP 100 sophomore high school students who are members of FFA across Missouri. The high school students are mentored by Small Group Leaders who are college students, many who are former State FFA officers. Tours are provided for students to experience non-traditional agriculture and Agricultural Education programs. In addition, students network with industry leaders, agricultural education teachers, current state officers, and peers to build lasting relationships.

The National FFA Organization makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. Nationally there are over 500,000 FFA members. Missouri ranks 4th in the nation with over 25,000 FFA members.

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June FFA Meeting
June 17, 2014

On June 17, 2014 the Chillicothe FFA Chapter members met for their June FFA Meeting. The meeting was held at Chilli Bay and the Litton Agriculture Campus.

The 75 members in attendance also participated in activities at Chilli Bay; then back at the Litton Campus, a team-building wiffle ball game, food, and a "Movie Under the Stars" were enjoyed.

The purpose of the June FFA meeting was to promote fellowship amongst the members.

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Washington Leadership Conference
June 10-15, 2014

Washington D.C. - Kiley Boley, Derek Eckert, Lauren Haley, Katlyn Hamilton, Bailey Henry, Carlee Johnson, Hallee Jones, Zach Quinn, Jozie Reeter, Colby Ruoff, and Hailey Seeley of the Chillicothe FFA Chapter attended the 2014 Washington Leadership Conference on June 10-15, 2014 in the nation's capital. The conference is an activity of the National FFA Organization in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Education.

Each year, FFA members from all over the United States travel to Washington, D.C. to attend the Washington Leadership Conference (WLC). During the five-day event, attendees learn how to become effective leaders by teaching them to know their purpose, value people, take action, and serve others. They leave WLC with the knowledge and the confidence to act in ways that help their schools, community, and their country. WLC's 2014 curriculum is built on four pillars of leadership: self-awareness, diversity, advocacy and service. These four pillars of leadership also correlate to the four-stage model of personal development, the Me-We-Do-Serve model, Mumaw adds.

This summer, more than 2300 FFA members will attend one of the conference's seven week-long sessions. Students also increase their understanding of the nation's heritage with visits to Arlington National Cemetery, the Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt Memorials, Holocaust Museum, Old Town Alexander, White House, Washington Monument, Smithsonian, and other historic sights in Washington, D.C.

The members from Chillicothe had sponsorship from the following organizations, Jerry Litton Family Foundation, Chillicothe Young Agri-Leaders, Trans Ova Genetics, American Family Insurance - Janet McCauslin agent, Chillicothe FFA Alumni, DQ Precision Planting - George & Marta Quinn, Monsanto, Dan & Wilma Graham United Country Real Estate, Chillicothe FFA and MO FFA Alumni Association. The group would like to thank these sponsors for their help with the trip.

FFA's mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education. Chillicothe FFA is a part of the Agricultural Education Program at the Grand River Technical School and is composed of students from Chillicothe and Southwest High Schools.

Front L to R - Lauren Haley, Hailey Seeley, Bailey Henry, Jozie Reeter, Carlee Johnson, Katlyn Hamilton,
Congressman Sam Graves; Back L to R - Kiley Boley, Zach Quinn, Hallee Jones, Colby Ruoff, Derek Eckert

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Camp Rainbow Bird Houses
June 10, 2014

On Tuesday, June 10, 2014 students at the Litton Agriculture Campus got to spend a little time in the shop to help out a worthy cause. The students cut out 80 bird houses for campers at Camp Rainbow to put together during their craft time.

Camp Rainbow is a camp for children and adults with various types of mental and physical disabilities. The camp provides a loving and accepting environment for campers to come and have a fun filled experience. The age of campers is 9 and up.

Due to the rainy day the students at the Litton Ag Campus couldn’t work outside, so the students spent time in the shop learning to use a saw, power tools, and a tape measure.

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Missouri Public Speaking Academy
June 3,4,5, 2014

FFA members from across the state participated in the Missouri FFA Public Speaking Academy held June 3, 4, and 5, on the University of Central Missouri campus. The Missouri FFA made it possible for FFA members to benefit from the professional staff at University of Central Missouri. During the three-day event, FFA members used the Internet and other communication technology to develop and refine an effective speech. The academy was designed to help FFA members increase their confidence, develop organizational skills, use language effectively, analyze audiences and improve speaking skills by judging themselves honestly and critically while keeping a positive attitude. Each student presented his or her speech in competition at the conclusion of the academy.

Chillicothe FFA members that attended the Missouri FFA Public Speaking Academy (pictured left to right) were Sarah Mason, Maggie Resor, Maddie Warren, Emma Rademacher, Haelee Shady, and Jamie Albertson.

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4H Fair Preparation 2014
June 3, 2014

On June 3, 2014 youth from Livingston County began their work at the Litton Agri-Science Learning Center. The Litton Ag Campus was designed for the youth of Livingston County to learn more about agriculture as well as house their 4-H and FFA projects. In exchange for housing their projects there, the youth assist in the care and maintenance of the Litton Ag Campus. Local youth sign a contract that states they will provide care for their animal and help maintain the Litton Ag Campus grounds, and, in exchange, they are allowed to use the facilities and livestock equipment.

In the picture above, local youth are going over their contracts and learning what duties are expected of them. Most of the livestock will be housed at the Litton Ag Campus from early April to late August. This allows the youth to participate in local, state, and national livestock shows.

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MO FFA LEAD Conference
May 28, 2014

On May 28, 2014 the 19 Chapter and Assistant officers from the Chillicothe FFA Chapter attended the MO FFA LEAD Conference on the NCMC Campus in Trenton, Missouri. The conference was sponsored by the FFA Leadership Fund.

The Learn, Educate, Advance Develop (LEAD) conference brings officers and their advisors together as they start off a new year as a new officer team. The officers identified specific values and traits he or she brings to the team, assess which roles he or she can effectively play within their team, and utilize strategies to resolve potential team conflicts.

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Local Students Compete at Missouri State FFA Agriscience Fair

Lauren Haley and Rachel Nowland both of Chillicothe, MO recently competed in the Missouri FFA Agriscience Fair. Lauren Haley was awarded first place in the senior division of Animal Systems for the project titled: The Effect of Formulation of Moxidectin When Administered Orally on Barber Pole Worms in Goats. Rachel Nowland was awarded third place in the senior division of Animal Systems for the project titled: The Effect of Storage Time on Boar Semen Motility.

Lauren's abstract to her Agriscience project is as follows: "The purpose of this experiment was to study the effect of formulation of moxidectin when administered orally on barber pole worm levels in goats. Barber pole worms are a major threat to a goat's health. These worms feed off the nutrients in the blood of the goat causing many health issues for the animal and additional cost to the producers. Moxidectin is a wormer that paralyzes the nervous system of the barber pole worms, therefore killing them. Administering moxidectin orally allows for the worms to come into full contact with the wormer which in turn decreases the population. The control in this experiment was a group of does receiving no moxidectin. This experiment was done on thirty-six female goats in the same environment, vaccination history, and feeding program prior to the experiment. The independent variable in this experiment was the formulation of moxidectin. The dependent variable in this experiment was barber pole worm levels in goats. Barber pole worm eggs present in the feces were counted to determine the amount of barber pole worms in the goat. The results showed a small decrease in the control's barber pole worm levels after no moxidectin was administered. The treatment groups before vs. after worm count levels showed decreases at a statistically significant level. The hypothesis stating if injectable moxidectin is administered orally, then the barber pole worm levels in goats will decrease more than in a group receiving no treatment was not supported on a statistically significant level. The hypothesis stating if oral moxidectin is administered orally, then the barber pole worm levels in goats will decrease more than in a group receiving no treatment was not supported on a statistically significant level. With both of these comparisons there were reductions in each treatment group, but not enough to be considered statistically significant. Comparing the oral and injectable moxidectin, the results did not show a statistically significant difference. When comparing each group's before and after, worm counts the null hypothesis (the barber pole worm levels in goats receiving treatment will not be significantly different than those receiving no treatment) can be rejected for the oral and injectable moxidectin groups, but must be accepted for the control group. Recommendations for further study would be to use the FAMANCHA method of identifying a goat's worm level before trying similar tests with other types of worm medicines."

Lauren will be sending her project to the national level where it will be judged. At the national level the top 15 will be selected to compete for a national ranking at the National FFA Convention, in Louisville, Kentucky in October of 2014. (Photo: Lauren is giving her presentation via Facetime. She was in Los Angeles, CA at the International High School Science Fair Competition at the time of the State FFA Agriscience Fair.)

Rachel's abstract to her Agriscience project is as follows: "The purpose of this experiment was to study the effect of storage time on boar semen motility. The hypothesis was that if the storage time is increased then the motility will decrease. The control in this experiment was the motility of the semen on the day it was received, day two. The constants in this experiment were the company the semen was ordered from, collection day, semen extender, storage temperature, storage handling, and the microscope. The independent variable in this experiment was storage time after collection. The dependent variable in this experiment was the motility of boar semen. The major findings were the longer the storage time was the motility percent was lower. The hypothesis was supported. Possible explanations for the findings were that the motility goes down over time because the sperm mortality increases over time. Recommendations for further study would be you could change the company where you get your semen or vary the storage temperature."

Congratulations to both girls on their accomplishments.

Pictured: Rachel Nowland, Chillicothe FFA Member 

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Ag Construction Class 2013-2014

The Ag Construction classes at the Litton Agriculture Campus had a very constructive year. During the school year student learned basic shop safety, arc welding, oxy-acetylene welding, measuring, safe and proper tool usage, and other basic shop skills. The students then put the basic shop skills they learned to work creating projects for themselves or others.

Some of the projects made were livestock gates, replacing a floor of a hay trailer, 24 foot goose neck implement trailer with a hydraulic dove tail, 18 foot car trailer, pickup flatbed, large tool bench, fish cleaning table, and various other small projects. Some of the FFA members will be exhibiting their work at local, district, and state fairs.

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Livestock Show Extravaganza
May 17 and 18, 2014

On May 17 and 18, 2014, the Litton Agriculture Campus- MW Jenkins Expo Building hosted three swine shows and two lamb shows. There were approximately 550 head of hogs shown during the two-day event and 260 head of lambs.

On Saturday morning, the WOLF Showpig Bonanza was sponsored by the Chillicothe FFA Alumni with 330 head of hogs. The sponsors of this show were American Family Insurance - Janet McCauslin, Barnes Baker Motors, Brammer & Stein Geenetics, BTC Bank, Butterfield and Associates Grain, Inc., Chillicothe Animal Hospital, Chillicothe State Bank, Comfort Inn & Suites - Chillicothe, Cooke Used Parts & Equipment, Copeland Development & Construction Company, Inc., Corbin Steel, Curtis Show Pigs, Diamond J Livestock/Davis Livestock, Farmers Electric Cooperative, Farm Bureau Insurance - Joe Neptune, Good Time Charlie's, Grand River Technical School, Hoffman & Reed Inc., Hutchinson & Co., Investors National Bank, J.R. Reid Show Pigs, Martin Show Pigs, MFA Agri-Service - Chillicothe, Dr. Greg & Carrie Miller, Millbank Mills, Simms Show Pigs, State Farm Insurance - Chris Trout, Sydenstricker John Deere - Chillicothe, T & R Soil Service, Russ & Sheila Thompson, Trans Ova Genetics, David & Carla Williams Farms, Wolf Brothers Show Pigs, and Wolf Farms Show Pigs. Supreme Gilt went to Cole Murphy, Reserve Supreme Gilt went to Marlena Long, Supreme Barrow went to Brayde Adam, and Reserve Supreme Barrow went to Ally Troesser. Champion Novice Showmanship went to Brayden Reid, Reserve Novice Showmanship went to Addison Brown, Champion Junior Showmanship went to Cole Murphy, Reserve Junior Showmanship went to Lauren Robinson, Champion Intermediate Showmanship went to Shambree Hagan, Reserve Intermediate Showmanship went to Will Robinson, Champion Senior Showmanship went to Paul McAlexander, and Reserve Senior Showmanship went to Lindsey Robinson.

The two swine shows and one sheep show held on Sunday, May 18, 2013 were sponsored by the Princeton FFA and featured about 240 head of swine. The two lamb shows - Missouri Club Lamb Futurity which had approximately 100 head and the Youth Lamb Show which had approximately 160 head - were held on May 18, 2013 were put on by the Missouri Lamb Breeders Associations. The shows were sponsored by Purina Show Chow.

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