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Business Technology

Jenny Hughes | Susan Mayers | Sondra Sturguess

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Contact: Jenny Hughes
Business Instructor

660-646-3414 OR fax 660 646 3568

Business Technology
Intro to Business
Micro Computer Applications
Multimedia/Web Design

About Jenny

August, 2004 began Jennyís first year at Grand River Technical School. She is a Chillicothe High School graduate and attended Southwest Missouri State University for two years, receiving an Executive Secretarial Certificate. She worked for several years as an executive secretary in California and Colorado. Upon returning to Missouri, she completed her degree in business education at the University of Missouri-Columbia. She taught business courses for four years at Southwest Livingston Co. R-1. Jenny completed her Masters in Instructional Technology through Northwest Missouri State University.

Where Do I Begin?

Every organization and institution has a business component, so taking business courses at Grand River Technical School provides students with a strong background as they pursue their vocational interests. The business program is committed to helping students develop the skills and abilities needed to achieve career success. The program is open to all high school students from Chillicothe and area sending schools. Students have the opportunity to take one or more business classes throughout their school day.

Program Benefits

  • State of the Art Equipment
  • Hands-On Learning
  • Great Career Opportunities
  • Leadership Development in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
  • Opportunities to Compete in Business Events through FBLA

College Credit

Students completing Accounting I & II with a "B" or above and at least 90% attendance will receive three (3) free college credit hours transferable to Moberly Area Community College.

Students completing Accounting I & II, Entrepreneurship, and Microcomputer Applications with a "B" or above and at least 90% attendance will receive nine (9) free college credit hours transferable to Metropolitan Community Colleges in Kansas City (all four branches).

Microcomputer Applications BT160 (3 credits/year) is a dual enrollment course offered through North Central Missouri College in Trenton, Missouri. Students should check with their prospective college to see how the course will transfer.

Where Can You Go From Here?

Because technology is constantly changing, students will need to continue updating their skills. Some may wish to pursue either an Associate's Degree or a Bachelor's Degree in Business on a part-time basis while working. Others may choose to continue their education on a full-time basis, pursuing degrees in areas such as accounting, international business, business administration, business education, marketing, and finance. The successful completion of the business technology program can lead to employment in entry-level positions such as office assistants, bookkeepers, receptionists, and bank tellers.

A solid foundation in business can lead to unlimited career opportunities, as well as help individuals organize and manage their own financial records.

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In this hands-on course, students will gain skills that will prepare them to obtain an entry-level office position and help them succeed in the business field. Units covered include projects in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access, business communications and completion of a word processing simulation, use of the 10-key calculator and business math simulation, filing, pre-employment preparation, and other valuable business skills. Students will also create presentations on soft skills/business ethics, work with web page templates, and work with financial data in QuickBooks. Open to junior or senior level students. Microcomputer Applications is suggested as a prerequisite, but not required.

This course is designed to help introduce freshmen students to different areas of business. The class will be organized to introduce a different aspect of business every two to three weeks. Topics covered will include business math, Internet etiquette, business ethics, careers in business, economics, business communications, international business, etc. Instruction will include textbooks and follow-up projects using technology. Units will include computer activities such as keyboarding and Microsoft Office programs. This is a freshmen level course.

This computer applications course is designed to help students prepare for entry-level employment in the field of computers and information services and/or to help them prepare for more advanced college computer courses. Students will receive instruction in the field of information processing, which includes hands-on experience utilizing word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation software. Students will be using a Windows 7 platform and Office 2013 integrated software suite. This course is approved for sophomore, junior or senior level students. Students may sign up for dual credit in Micro Computer Applications I. In order to receive the dual credit, students must complete the year-long course.

This course is a hands-on learning experience designed to give students the opportunity to construct web pages and electronic presentations. Students are encouraged to use their creativity to complete projects on a variety of topics. Instruction includes creating web pages first using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), then creating informational web sites incorporating text, graphics, tables, etc. Software includes Adobe Dreamweaver. This course also incorporates advanced elements of PowerPoint including audio and visual elements. Students will develop presentations using online programs such as Prezi and PowToon. Projects in MovieMaker and iMovie are also included to create videos and commercials. This is a junior or senior level course. Microcomputer Applications is suggested as a prerequisite, but not required.

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Grades (all above): Grades will be determined by dividing the number of points earned by the number of points possible. If someone is on "the borderline" (between a B- and a B, for example), factors such as attendance and punctuality will be considered in determining his/her final grade. The following grading scale will be used:

96-100 A
92-95 A-
89-91 B+
85-88 B
82-84 B-
79-81 C+
73-78 C
70-72 C-
67-69 D+
63-66 D
60-62 D-
59- F

If you have any questions, please call Jenny at 660-646-3414.

Jenny Hughes | Susan Mayers | Sondra Sturguess

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