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PLTW (Project Lead The Way)-Computer Science
Contact: Sondra J. Sturguess
Business Tech/Adult Ed Coordinator
PLTW Computer Science Essentials
FBLA Adviser/District 19 Adviser
Contact: Brandon Dennis
PLTW Computer Science
Computer Network Technology


New for 2019-20...

The PLTW Computer Science Essentials (CSE) course will be offered as the beginning course to the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Computer Science Program and will be open to students in grades 9-12. Additional PLTW Computer Science courses have been added with the final course in the next two years - Computer Science Principles (CSP), Cyber Security, and Computer Science A (CSA) for a four-year plan. Essentials is taught by Mrs. Sturguess with the three remaining Computer Science courses taught by Mr. Dennis.

Computer science is the foundation for most innovations today, from national security to cinematography. Computer science skills empower students to become innovators and makers of technology. Students learn to use or modify existing technologies to create new systems, uses, or technologies. Computer science teaches students how to be creative, problem solve, and reason logically. Computing is for everyone, everywhere and is not a standalone discipline. It is applied in every industry and field of study to drive innovation and empower problem solving.

Over the course of the PLTW Computer Science program, the focus will be on:

  • fostering an inclusive computing culture with emphasis on the value of diverse perspectives in development processes
  • collaborating around computing to foster skills used by computing professionals recognizing and defining computational problems to problems can be solved and analyzed
  • developing and using abstractions to help identify patterns and create generalizations to simplify a complex system and focus on the relevant tasks
  • creating computational artifacts that embrace both creative expression and problem solving testing and refining computational artifacts by following a deliberate and iterative process
  • communicating about computing by using clear communication including precise language and careful consideration of possible audiences
  • connecting computing by recognizing that computational thinking is conceptualizing, not programming; fundamental, not rote skill; a way that humans, not computers, think; complements and combines mathematical and engineering thinking

Learning computer science empowers young people to compete in the global economy and pursue careers across all sectors because it teaches students computational thinking practices and problem-solving skills applicable in any industry.

The U.S. Department of Labor predicts that the fastest growing and highest paying jobs over the next decade will be computer science related. Computer scientists enjoy a wide range of career options, since all industries involve computing, including the arts, agriculture, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, security, and transportation.

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